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Figure 8

From: Many-particle Brownian and Langevin Dynamics Simulations with the Brownmove package

Figure 8

Effective average diffusion coefficient < D bead > of the individual beads in a multi-bead model vs. the length of the observation interval Δ t. With BD the dynamics of the mass-less beads is determined on short time scales by the fast thermal motion of the individual beads while over longer periods the beads have to follow the center-of-mass motion of the complete particle (filled symbols). Consequently, over long intervals Δt the effective average bead diffusion coefficient <Dbead>(Δt) converges to Dtr. Without HI the two underlying timescales are separated even further. When the mass of the beads is considered and an LD propagation is used then the apparent <Dbead> also decreases at very short observation intervals independent of whether HI are used or not.

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