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Table 5 GREMLIN edges (λ = 38) involving residues from the B7 pocket

From: A minimal ligand binding pocket within a network of correlated mutations identified by multiple sequence and structural analysis of G protein coupled receptors

T118 M207 Y268 A292
G90, T94, P171, E197, T198, H211, A269, A272, F293, M309, C316 G90, S98, G114, G121, E122, P171, E181, C185, D190, E196, A233, A269, I275, H278, G284, M288, T289, A292, F293, C316, K325, N326 NONE A26, Y29, H65, L72, G90, T93, T94, V104, N111, A117, G121, N145, F148, S176, Y178, S186, D190, N199, N200, V204, M207, Q237, T243, A269, A272, I275, F276, Q312
  1. Underlined residues form edges with at least two of the B7 pocket residues.