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Table 8 Residues in AT1R that are homologous top ranking edge forming residues in rhodopsin

From: A minimal ligand binding pocket within a network of correlated mutations identified by multiple sequence and structural analysis of G protein coupled receptors

Ballesteros-Weinstein numbering Rhodopsin residues ATR1 residues
EC (N-Terminus) Y29 K20
1.39 M44 Y35
1.43 I48 F39
IC1 K67 M57
IC1 L72 A63
2.57 G90 L81
2.58 F91 P82
3.28 E113 A104
3.29 G114 S105
3.32 A117 V108
3.35 G120 N111
3.37 E122 Y113
3.41 W126 F117
IC2 C140 V131
IC2 F148 R140
EC2 S176 N168
EC2 Y178 F170
EC2 S186 V179
EC2 E196 S189
5.42 M207 K199
5.46 H211 G203
IC3 Q237 --
IC3 Q244 K232
IC3 E247 N235
6.52 A269 Q257
6.55 A272 T260
7.38 P291 T287
7.39 A292 I288
7.40 F293 C289
7.43 K296 Y292
IC (C-Terminus) C316 Y312