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Figure 2

From: Stochastic dynamics of virus capsid formation: direct versus hierarchical self-assembly

Figure 2

T1 direct assembly. a) and b) show the relative population of different cluster sizes as a function of time for a favorable (k a =5.0 ns−1, k d =13.5·10−3 ns−1) and a unfavorable (k a =8.0 ns−1, k d =1.5·10−3 ns−1) set of parameters, respectively. The average cluster size is shown as solid line. In the inset the monomer population ν1(t)is shown as a function of time. c) Parameter space analysis of direct assembly. Relative yield (left) and relative assembly speed (right) are depicted using a heat-map representation for various combinations of k a and k d . All data are obtained from 40 independent simulation runs.

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