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Figure 9

From: Stochastic dynamics of virus capsid formation: direct versus hierarchical self-assembly

Figure 9

Analysis of T3 capsomer assembly. a) FPTs of pentamer and hexamer capsomers emerging during T3 hierarchical assembly are compared to those of T3-like and identical hexamers from the down-scaled simulations. All simulations use k a =9.0 ns−1and k d =1.5·10−3 ns−1. As there are different total numbers of capsomers to be formed of each type, we compare the relative progress of assembly by plotting all species in the same plot with different scales (1 to 12 for pentamers, 1 to 20 for hexamers). FPTs are scaled with the ring size. All values are obtained from 10 independent simulation runs each. b) Relative cluster size population n·ν n (t)during hexamer assembly in the down-scaled systems. The results for monomers (ν1) and complete capsomers (ν6) from the analytical master equation approach (lines) are compared to the simulation data (symbols) for T3-like and identical hexamers.

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