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Table 1 Comparison of oligonucleotide immobilization on 2D and 3D surfaces

From: Drop drying on surfaces determines chemical reactivity - the specific case of immobilization of oligonucleotides on microarrays

Applied volume/conditions Amine-linker No amino-linker
  2D epoxy 3D hydrogel 2D epoxy 3D hydrogel
dryinga high high high high
drying high high high high
not drying none very low none very low
liquid phase none very low none very low
  1. Comparison of immobilization efficiencies of oligonucleotides with and without amine linker on 2D epoxy and 3D hydrogel slides for arrays spotted from nL drop volumes, pipetting μL volumes, and in liquid phase for probe concentration in the low μM range.
  2. (a)hydrogel layer remains wet after drop drying.