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Figure 4

From: Raman characterization of Avocado Sunblotchviroid and its response to external perturbations and self-cleavage

Figure 4

Effect of temperature on Raman spectra of ASBVds. The Raman spectra of minus (panel A) and plus (panel B) strands of ASBVd are obtained in cacodylate buffer, in the absence of Mg2+. Blue curve (a) correspond to Raman spectrum taken at 20°C; red curve (b) correspond to Raman spectrum taken at 65°C. All spectra were normalized using the Raman band at 1100 cm-1; the contributions from the cacodylate buffer and quartz cell were subtracted. The difference spectrum (c) (c = b-a, black curve) correspond to spectral changes due to temperature changes.

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