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Table 1 List of RAS isoform specific complex models generated via PRISM

From: Modeling of RAS complexes supports roles in cancer for less studied partners

PDB Chain for the RAS Protein Gene Symbol of the RAS Protein Interaction Partner Gene Symbol of the Interactor Protein Interface Energy Score Pfam Domain/Family of the Interactor
NRAS_model NRAS 4g0nB RAF1 1c1yAB −52.35 RBD
NRAS_model NRAS 4g0nB RAF1 1c1yAB −34.05 RBD
NRAS_model NRAS 1g5mA BCL2 1u8yAB −23.32 BH4
4dsoA KRAS 4g0nB RAF1 1c1yAB −46.71 RBD
4dsoA KRAS 1c1yB RAF1 1c1yAB −45.94 RBD
4dsoA KRAS 3kh0B RALGDS 1lfdCD −28.69 RALGDS/AF-6
4dsoA KRAS 3ny5A BRAF 1c1yAB −26.42 RBD
4dsoA KRAS 1zuzA CALM 1qs7AC −24.38 EF-hand-7
6q21A HRAS 2lktA RARRES3 3hbrAB −38.81 Cytoplasmic Domain
6q21A HRAS 4g0nB RAF1 1c1yAB −36.18 RBD
6q21A HRAS 3kh0B RALGDS 1lfdCD −35.49 RALGDS/AF-6
6q21A HRAS 1nf1A NF1 1tx4AB −28.38 RasGAP
6q21A HRAS 3dadA FHOD1 2ghpBD −27.8 GBD/FH3
6q21A HRAS 3w58C LGALS1 2wfhAB −26.46 Galectin
6q21A HRAS 2h3lA ERBB2IP 1w9aAB −25.15 PDZ
6q21A HRAS 2qbwA ERBB2IP 3e9mAD −23.61 PDZ
6q21A HRAS 2c7nI RABGEF1 2y3gAD −23.53 zf-A20
6q21A HRAS 1wxmA ARAF 1c1yAB −23.5 RBD
6q21A HRAS 1g5mA BCL2 1t35EF −22.79 BH4
6q21A HRAS 1yojA SRC 1xdkEF −21.72 Pkinase_Tyr