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Fig. 4

From: Jörg Langowski: his scientific legacy and the future it promises

Fig. 4

spFRET to study histones dissociation from the DNA. spFRET reveals an intermediate open conformation before H2A–H2B dimer dissociation from the DNA. Plot showing fraction of the FRET population as a function of the [NaCl] for H2B–DNA− 15 (blue), H2B–DNA− 52 (green), DNA+ 42–DNA− 52 (red), H4–DNA− 52 (violet) and H4–DNA− 15 (black). Each point represents an independent experiment. Cartoons of nucleosomes indicating the relative locations of labels on the nucleosome, together with the c1/2 denaturation values are also shown, using the same color scheme. Donor labels are shown in yellow, acceptor labels are shown in magenta. From the sequence of the loss of FRET between the different nucleosome subunits, a model for disassembly was derived (adapted from [75] with written permission given by the original license holders)

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