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Fig. 8

From: Jörg Langowski: his scientific legacy and the future it promises

Fig. 8

Mechanical model for the Brownian dynamics simulation of looped DNA supercoiling. Panel a string-of-beads model of N beads with coordinates {ri}i = 1..N. On each bead a local frame of reference {fj,vj,uj}j = 1..N is set. The infinitesimal displacement of each bead is due to bending and torsional motion of the whole chain. Panel b sketch of a supercoiled plectonemical structure of linking number ΔLk = − 4. Panel c examples of the DNA structure simulated for ΔLk = − 4 at increasing simulation times as indicated in the figure (adapted from [18] with written permission given by the original license holders)

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