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  1. Methodology article

    A novel delta current method for transport stoichiometry estimation

    The ion transport stoichiometry (q) of electrogenic transporters is an important determinant of their function. q can be determined by the reversal potential (Erev) if the transporter under study is the only elec...

    Xuesi M Shao, Liyo Kao and Ira Kurtz

    BMC Biophysics 2014 7:14

    Published on: 11 December 2014

  2. Research article

    Langevin dynamics simulations of charged model phosphatidylinositol lipids in the presence of diffusion barriers: toward an atomic level understanding of corralling of PIP2 by protein fences in biological membranes

    The polyvalent acidic lipid phosphatidylinositol, 4,5-bisphosphate (PIP2) is important for many cellular functions. It has been suggested that different pools of PIP2 exist in the cytoplasmic leaflet of the plasm...

    Kyu Il Lee, Wonpil Im and Richard W Pastor

    BMC Biophysics 2014 7:13

    Published on: 26 November 2014

  3. Methodology article

    Mathematical modelling of the automated FADU assay for the quantification of DNA strand breaks and their repair in human peripheral mononuclear blood cells

    Cells continuously undergo DNA damage from exogenous agents like irradiation or genotoxic chemicals or from endogenous radicals produced by normal cellular metabolic activities. DNA strand breaks are one of th...

    Michael Junk, Judy Salzwedel, Thilo Sindlinger, Alexander Brkle and Maria Moreno-Villanueva

    BMC Biophysics 2014 7:9

    Published on: 9 September 2014

  4. Research article

    Insights into the mechanism of C5aR inhibition by PMX53 via implicit solvent molecular dynamics simulations and docking

    The complement protein C5a acts by primarily binding and activating the G-protein coupled C5a receptor C5aR (CD88), and is implicated in many inflammatory diseases. The cyclic hexapeptide PMX53 (sequence Ace-P...

    Phanourios Tamamis, Chris A Kieslich, Gregory V Nikiforovich, Trent M Woodruff, Dimitrios Morikis and Georgios Archontis

    BMC Biophysics 2014 7:5

    Published on: 12 August 2014

  5. Correspondence

    Early integration of the individual student in academic activities: a novel classroom concept for graduate education in molecular biophysics and structural biology

    A key challenge in interdisciplinary research is choosing the best approach from a large number of techniques derived from different disciplines and their interfaces.

    Sanford H Leuba, Sean M Carney, Elizabeth M Dahlburg, Rebecca J Eells, Harshad Ghodke, Naveena Yanamala, Grant Schauer and Judith Klein-Seetharaman

    BMC Biophysics 2014 7:6

    Published on: 5 August 2014

  6. Research article

    AFM detection of biophysical characteristics of specific regulatory T Cells after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

    Based on the dynamics of antigen recognition from T cell receptor complex and T cell activation, different function of T cells may present different morphology feature, at least at molecular level. Regulatory ...

    Xu Wang, Zhenyi Jin, Xinyu Wang, Shaohua Chen, Lijian Yang, Kanger Zhu, Xiuli Wu and Yangqiu Li

    BMC Biophysics 2014 7:7

    Published on: 1 August 2014

  7. Research article

    Raman characterization of Avocado Sunblotchviroid and its response to external perturbations and self-cleavage

    Viroids are the smallest pathogens of plants. To date the structural and conformational details of the cleavage of Avocado sunblotch viroid (ASBVd) and the catalytic role of Mg2+ ions in efficient self-cleavage a...

    Gaston Hui-Bon-Hoa, Hussein Kaddour, Jacques Vergne, Sergei G Kruglik and Marie-Christine Maurel

    BMC Biophysics 2014 7:2

    Published on: 21 March 2014

  8. Research article

    Molecular basis of HHQ biosynthesis: molecular dynamics simulations, enzyme kinetic and surface plasmon resonance studies

    PQS (Pseudomonas Quinolone Signal) and its precursor HHQ are signal molecules of the P. aeruginosa quorum sensing system. They explicate their role in mammalian pathogenicity by binding to the receptor PqsR that ...

    Anke Steinbach, Christine K Maurer, Elisabeth Weidel, Claudia Henn, Christian Brengel, Rolf W Hartmann and Matthias Negri

    BMC Biophysics 2013 6:10

    Published on: 1 August 2013

  9. Research article

    Single-molecule photobleaching reveals increased MET receptor dimerization upon ligand binding in intact cells

    The human receptor tyrosine kinase MET and its ligand hepatocyte growth factor/scatter factor are essential during embryonic development and play an important role during cancer metastasis and tissue regenerat...

    Marina S Dietz, Daniel Haße, Davide M Ferraris, Antonia Göhler, Hartmut H Niemann and Mike Heilemann

    BMC Biophysics 2013 6:6

    Published on: 3 June 2013

  10. Methodology article

    Time-resolved force distribution analysis

    Biomolecules or other complex macromolecules undergo conformational transitions upon exposure to an external perturbation such as ligand binding or mechanical force. To follow fluctuations in pairwise forces b...

    Bogdan I Costescu and Frauke Gräter

    BMC Biophysics 2013 6:5

    Published on: 1 May 2013

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