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Table 6 List of top ranked residues and the most persistent edges

From: A minimal ligand binding pocket within a network of correlated mutations identified by multiple sequence and structural analysis of G protein coupled receptors

Rank Position Number of edges (at λ = 38) Most persistent pair position (edges at penalty λ = 140)
1 A117 3.32 41 G902.57, E247 IC3, F2937.40, K2967.43
2 A272 6.55 30 L72IC1, G1143.29, S176EC2, Y178EC2
3 E113 3.28 29 M441.39, L72IC1, W1263.41, Q237IC3, F2937.40
4 H211 5.46 29 F912.58, C140 IC2, F148 IC2
5 A292 7.39 28 Y29EC (N-terminus)
6 S186 EC2 27 K67IC1, Q244IC3, P2917.38
7 E122 3.37 26 I481.43, G902.57, E196EC3, M2075.42, A2696.52, F2937.40, C316IC (C-terminus)
8 G902.57 23 A1173.32, G1203.35, E1223.37, M2075.42, Q237IC3, A2696.52, F2937.40
9 G114 3.29 22 S176EC2, A2726.55, Y178EC2
10 M207 5.42 22 G902.57, E1223.37, C316IC (C-terminus)
  1. Residues in bold are part of the RT binding pocket extracted from the rhodopsin structure (PDB ID: 1U19). The Ballesteros-Weinstein numbering (superscript) is given for comparison with other GPCRs. Only long-range edges are reported i.e. the edges formed with neighboring residues (8 amino acids on either side) are filtered out.