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Fig. 9

From: Jörg Langowski: his scientific legacy and the future it promises

Fig. 9

Brownian Dynamics simulations of supercoiled DNAs. Application of the BD algorithm for a supercoiled structure as a function of the linking number and the length. Panel a samples of the structures simulated for ΔLk = − 6. Panel b time evolution of the writhe of supercoiled structures sampled form different simulations starting from writhing number = 0 for ΔLk = 0 (dot-dashed), − 2 (triangles), − 4 (squares) and − 6 (circles). Panel c: translational diffusion coefficients as a function of the DNA length for ΔLk = − 4 measured (open squared) by Langowski, Giesen and Lehman [76] and simulated (filled square) by Chirico and Langowski [18]. Adapted from [18] with written permission given by the original license holders

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